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Dordt Water Management serves customers with cutting-edge water storage solutions

that solve their water management challenges. Our services include:

  • Supply and installation of custom water storage systems

  • Supply and installation of pond liners

  • Supply and installation of water silo covers

  • Maintenance (annual inspections, cleaning, etc.)

  • Horticultural plumbing and irrigation service

  • Emergency leak detection and repair (24/7)

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Dordt Waterproof Management is proud to offer its customers advanced water storage solutions from the acclaimed company Genap Canada.

Dordt Waterproof Management is a fully licensed distributor and installer of Genap Canada products.


Using the high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology developed by Genap Canada, Dordt builds sustainable water storage systems, in the form of steel silos fitted with watertight Aquatex® lining. Aquatex® has been specially developed for the horticultural sector, with lining available in a range of types and thicknesses, suitable for storing city water, well water, leach and treated/recirculation water. 

With Genap's superior cover system, we can outfit your water silo for protection from algae growth, evaporation and contamination. Our water storage silos can range from 1 to 32 metres in diameter, and 1 to 5.5 metres high. Panels are available with a special plastisol coating, which is expected to extend the lifespan of your silo for 25 years or more.



Dordt Water Management supplies and installs foil linings that come in a range of shapes and materials for water reservoirs and lagoons. We offer different types of foil/membranes for different applications, as well as protective underlay sheeting. A variety of anti-algae cover systems are available for fully-enclosed water reservoirs, as well as different solutions and materials for each lagoon or reservoir.

Pumping water in or out of the water reservoir?  We offer a wide range of conical outlets from 32-500 mm. Due to their conical shape, these outlets can be used for all commonly used pipe work.

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